Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tip #4 Rate Plans Lowered for AT&T / Verizon

The Green Bookkeeper Tip #4 January 2010:
Tip #4 Rate Plans Lowered from $99 to $69 for AT&T & iPhone Users

Attention: AT&T, Verizon & iPhone Users

I want to notify you about the new rate changes for AT&T (and Verizon). If you are with AT&T this could save you A LOT of money.

The changes for AT&T went into effect on Monday, January 18, 2010. I know for the unlimited rate plan the price dropped from $99 to $69.

Be aware, they will only lower your rate if you call them.

Call their customer service to see if you qualify and have them lower their rates. For other ways to save money & receive support in transforming your business and money habits contact:

Tye Kirk
Know your Numbers, Live Rich!

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