Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tip #4 Rate Plans Lowered for AT&T / Verizon

The Green Bookkeeper Tip #4 January 2010:
Tip #4 Rate Plans Lowered from $99 to $69 for AT&T & iPhone Users

Attention: AT&T, Verizon & iPhone Users

I want to notify you about the new rate changes for AT&T (and Verizon). If you are with AT&T this could save you A LOT of money.

The changes for AT&T went into effect on Monday, January 18, 2010. I know for the unlimited rate plan the price dropped from $99 to $69.

Be aware, they will only lower your rate if you call them.

Call their customer service to see if you qualify and have them lower their rates. For other ways to save money & receive support in transforming your business and money habits contact:

Tye Kirk
Know your Numbers, Live Rich!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Expansion Quote

"The expansion phase is a demanding one, but if the choice is made for life & for following our true convictions, our energy level is intensified." Gail Sheehy

I find this quote to be so true. I found the quote in my Harbrace College Grammar Handbook as i was doing my daily grammar practice, which sometimes i think is not helping, but i will prevail.

I have noticed that as I clear out what is inessential in my life, my energy, motivation, clarity and creativity has expanded.

I clear out old energy thru completing old projects, goals, task, and commitments on which i had been dragging my feet. I focus my attention on the work that is most important and get it done and off my mind. I do the scariest or most dreaded tasks of the day first. I put daily time and energy into the things that i love and bring me joy- this is such a gift to my soul! I remind myself that to get better at something takes practice and persistence- (read Mastery: The keys to success and long-term fulfillment by Aikido Master George Leonard) And if i love it,it is worth doing and doing well.


Tip #3 Issue 1099s & W-2s by January 31st

The Green Bookkeeper Tip #3 January 2010:

Tip#3 January- Deadline for issuing 1099s & W-2s is 01/31/10

Attention: Business Owners

The deadline for issuing 1099s & W-2s is January 31st

Quickbooks has a feature that enables you to print 1099s for all your independent contractors. I can work with you remotely, if need be, to set up this up.

Begin now to make sure you have included everyone in your list of professional consultants and independent contractors, so you will properly report everyone and ensure you receive the maximum deductions you have coming to you. If you haven’t done it already have your independent contractors fill out a W-9 Form, you will need this info to send them a 1099.

For more tips refer to my website at:

Love and prosperity in the New Year,

Tye Kirk

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My intentions are to Bridge the false separation within our lives between work and life. The separateness between ourselves and one another, between ourselves and the planet: Mother Nature, between our mind and body.

And to assist the process of us moving forward in our lives personally, financially and artistically, to claim all of who we are.

This blog focuses more on the business side of integrating our lives.

My other blog Words Are Numbers focuses on expressing my own artistic creations, such as: short story writing, poetry, painting and music.

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