Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tip #3 Issue 1099s & W-2s by January 31st

The Green Bookkeeper Tip #3 January 2010:

Tip#3 January- Deadline for issuing 1099s & W-2s is 01/31/10

Attention: Business Owners

The deadline for issuing 1099s & W-2s is January 31st

Quickbooks has a feature that enables you to print 1099s for all your independent contractors. I can work with you remotely, if need be, to set up this up.

Begin now to make sure you have included everyone in your list of professional consultants and independent contractors, so you will properly report everyone and ensure you receive the maximum deductions you have coming to you. If you haven’t done it already have your independent contractors fill out a W-9 Form, you will need this info to send them a 1099.

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