Thursday, July 12, 2012

Yelp Review from Oxygen Tango

Here is a Yelp Review Posted on 7/12/12 at Yelp-The-Green-Bookkeeper-Oakland:

"I have been Tye Kirk's client, who runs The Green Bookkeeper, for a few years now (I think 3 at least) and it has been a great positive journey. 

Tye is very diligent. He takes care of details very fast and with great precision. He has always looked after what I needed so that all my bookkeeping is in order. He communicates with, and takes care of whatever my accountant needs to do her work, is self ignited, and has an absolutely heartfelt and honest character. 

He has always been totally willing to help me with many things - setting up reminders and reminding me about deadlines and filing details, brainstorming about finding the best categories for items in my monthly income statement (P+L) he helped create a cash variance report and a budget report that I can use on a monthly basis to monitor and read my business. He delivers also a monthly balance sheet. And many more things - long-term thinking, dealing with my bank etc.

As a human being he is a delight to work with. He is easy going and has good advise. This does not take away my responsibility to make sure I know what I want in order to be able to "read" my business in the way I need it. 

If you decide to work with him (or any bookkeeper that is) you'll have to ignite that part. Tye can do it if you deliver on your part. It is a business relationship and I as a client need to feed in equally.

He recently relocated to the Bay area with this number 510.982.6433.

Remote work works well for me with Tye.

Thanks to skype I can communicate with him at ease and directly and every week and every month I know what the numbers are in my business.

So in other words I can only give him a 5 star rating.

Great work Tye. Thank you."

Stefan F.
Oxygen Tango

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