Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Workin’ hard or hardly workin?

I recently asked 3 people this question and got 3 very different answers....

Are You Workin’ Hard or Hardly Workin’?

A colleague replied, "Workin’ very hard!" With a mix of pride, obligation and desperation like a cornered wolf.

A friend replied a different way, she said "yeah I’m workin’ my ass off and it never seems like I can catch up and my to do list is taller then me and I…" And then something clicked and she said, "And you know what, I am doing my best, and I love all that I am learning and I wouldn’t trade it for anything…"

Suddenly, she had a totally different view of her situation. She caught herself mid-sentence and changed her whole mood, attitude and outlook on life.

Without explaining herself or what happened. Or apologizing. And seemingly not even noticing, she transformed. I felt the difference like night and day. And it was stunning.

A third person, a co-worker of mine is this blatantly chipper, ridiculously bubbly go getter-day-after-day…and I love it! It’s contagious and I love those days working with her. I glimpse another world sometimes when mine is off kilter. She infects me with her joy virus and the rest of the day I am smiling and laughing for no reason. I don’t thank her, but I make sure I give her the same enthusiasm back.

The heaviness of work is a loaded question. How come different people respond to their work in different ways? And I ask myself does work really need to be hard?

For some reason I don’t quite understand why I love my work. I work hard in the traditional sense of working long hours: 40+, some weekends, some nights, whatever it takes to get everything done. But I like it and I’m good at it and as long as I take breaks and exercise and eat smart I feel good.

I noticed a shift out of working hard as a draining, ox-pulling-a-cart phenomenon when I resolved the question of always doubting and second guessing what my life purpose was… I realized that the answer was staring me in the face… “Follow your bliss” and suddenly it dawned on me I looked up from my laptop, smiling, totally immersed in my work and the challenge and discovery of the moment and there it was the clue and I was awake enough to recognize it shining through- I love what I am doing.

I see that this might not be forever but for right now it is golden and I don’t have to cast it away to find the perfect thing. I can just build on what I already know I love. In this moment I surrendered and everything opened up.

The chronic tension I’d been experiencing for years wasn’t from the work, the tension was from self doubt that I could bring value and raise my game and thinking I needing to please people. All kinds of mind spells I was casting on myself.

So I paid attention to this little intuitive voice from within and followed my bliss and committed and all I had to do was keep improving the quality of my work.

I love what I am doing
I love the mystery of numbers and moving them and grouping them and seeing patterns and finding answers in them
I love that I am seeing big growth spurts in every area of my company,
Most of all I love delivering impeccable, on time, vital info that often times has a huge impact on the day to day operations of the company.

When I am squarely in this place I am working hard and hardly working.

Tye Kirk
Know your Numbers, Live Rich!

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